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Where-to-Buy solution helps Char-Broil quantify the role their website plays in the customer journey

July 21, 2016 / PriceSpider



With PriceSpider’s technology and Where-To-Buy (WTB) tool, Char-Broil gained valuable insights with how consumers were shopping for their products online. Char-Broil discovered that when consumers clicked on the “Where-to-Buy” button on a product page, 58% showed purchasing interest by clicking on the “Buy” button that led to a retailer. As a result, the Char-Broil website attribution increased.


A majority of the Char-Broil products are purchased in-store, however, with the rise of consumers shopping online, Char-Broil knew they had to find a way to understand the online shopper and quantify the influence their website had.

"Being able to quantify the role plays in the consumer journey has been a huge win for us internally. We’re able to understand our retailer relationships better, our product line better and overall better understand the role we can play as a manufacturer in the direct to consumer space."

– Matt Weiss, E-Commerce Manager


Matt Weiss, E-Commerce Manager for Char-Broil, saw the PriceSpider Where-to-Buy tool on a website he was viewing and knew right away that Char-Broil would benefit from the tool.

Brand Matching & UX Best Practices
During implementation, PriceSpider and Char-Broil worked together to design the WTB to match Char-Broil’s branding. To deliver the best user experience and eliminate friction, they decided to show local and online sellers side-by-side and show stock availability.

Char-Broil Where-to-Buy


Shortly after launching the Where-to-Buy tool on Char-Broil’s product pages, PriceSpider started gathering data. Within just two months, Char-Broil was able to see how shoppers were interacting with their site. Char-Broil discovered that when consumers clicked on the Where-to-Buy button on a product page, 58% showed purchasing interest by clicking on a button that led to a retailer.

Consumer Activity on the Char-Broil Where-to-Buy

Consumer activity for Where-to-Buy

"PriceSpider is full of absolute rock stars. They made it easy for us to implement their tool from start to finish and made sure we had the proper tracking in place before launch, all while under a tight deadline before the grilling season."

– Matt Weiss, E-Commerce Manager

Char-Broil is now able to quantify their digital marketing efforts through behavioral insights provided by PriceSpider.

Consumer behavioral buying activity


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