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Unified brand messaging in the omnichannel age

November 20, 2017 / PriceSpider

Goldfish used to be the laughingstock of the animal kingdom for their short memory. Sure, pandas appear particularly dead set on driving their species to extinction one fall from a bamboo tree at a time - but they're cute and internet users love physical comedy, so pandas get the benefit of the doubt.

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Brands: It's time to get your ducks in a row

November 15, 2017 / PriceSpider

When it comes to brand-seller relationships, Nike, the footwear and apparel giant, has been the brand to watch.

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4 ways data analytics are transforming the brand-to-retailer relationship

November 13, 2017 / PriceSpider

The direct-to-consumer model is not all it was once cracked up to be. Case in point, Nike finally caved and started selling its wares on Amazon this year, despite having been known as one of the stalwart holdouts from that marketplace. The reason ultimately came down to Nike's ongoing struggle to keep unauthorized retailers at bay on Amazon.

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Ask not what your retailer can do for you, ask what you can do for your retailer

November 09, 2017 / PriceSpider

If that headline threw you for a loop, maybe this re-appropriated Jerry Maguire quote will make more sense: "Help me [your retailer], help you [brand manufacturer]."

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How to keep your product branding uniform this holiday season

October 24, 2017 / PriceSpider

The holiday shopping season is well upon us; and while there's no doubt sales events seem to continually blur the lines of when it's OK to put decorations up, brands should be well into their 2017 season planning. Department stores and malls aren't the only ones who are eager to get a head start: The National Retail Foundation in its 2017...

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PriceSpider Launches Revolutionary New Tool Enabling Manufacturers to Ensure Brand Consistency Across E-commerce Retailers.

October 24, 2017 / PriceSpider

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PriceSpider—an industry pioneer in creating advanced retail technology solutions for brand manufacturers and retailers—is proud to announce the newest addition to their platform, Brand Monitor, a powerful tool for manufacturers that need to maintain a strong and consistent brand to maximize sales....

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The price is right: Here's how brand manufacturers can tell

October 18, 2017 / PriceSpider

Unlike the long-running TV game show, "The Price is Right," where contestants have to guess what a certain product is worth, today's retailers are told exactly what a brand's wares are worth. And yet, according to Kellogg Insights, 15 percent of authorized retailers still violate these minimum-advertised price (MAP) policies. Among unauthorized...

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The first rule of modern retail? Know thy customer

October 09, 2017 / PriceSpider

Ever wish you could peer inside your customers' brains to figure out exactly what it takes to accelerate buying behavior? What makes them tick? What makes them reel? And most importantly, how can you lock down their loyalty? 

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3 ways to wed the in-store and online customer experiences

October 03, 2017 / PriceSpider
Shop online, pickup in-store or shop in-store pickup online - it's all the same to us.
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How I learned to stop worrying about direct sales and grew to love the omnichannel

September 25, 2017 / PriceSpider

The omnichannel is a paradox that breaks bread with the likes of Schrödinger's Cat or Joseph Heller's Catch-22. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. All the same, it forces brand manufacturers to reconcile two very different objectives:

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